About travertine

Travertine tiles range depending upon place of origin. Below please find variety of turkish ivory and italian classic travertines, under this page listed: installation guide and comparison 10 key features of natural stones over ceramic tiles

Useful information about installation of travertine and marble

  • white thin set method, flexible adhesive for marble
  • cementitious grout for marble
  • Wash and wait until dry (neutral none abrasive chemicals)
  • then impregnate, apply thin layer with a moistened cloth or roller (if impregnation crystallized on the surface collect the excess by wiping off with paper or lint-free cloth). Then wait 24 hours to dry and impregnate again. Before impregnation the whole surface conduct a test on a single plate. It is recommended to impregnate the stone in areas of constant contact with water (floor, around the toilet, the floors and walls of shower cubicles and external surfaces).

Recommended impregnates – available online stores.

  • Betawax 400ml, sufficient for 10-20m2, price about 16 EUR / pack, with addition of wax, gives a slight sheen, emphasises structure
  • Hydrex 1000ml, sufficient for 20-30m2, price about 17 EUR / does not change color, gives a light crystal shine

What to choose, natural travertine or ceramic tiles ?

When choosing the material we have to overcome number of concerns. Today travertine is well known as a good construction material. Below we compare main features of  the two and in ten most important characteristics natural sone wins :

  1. Price, good floor tiles cost 40-50 EUR/sqm  same as natural stone. Today price is no longer an argument, but thanks to the direct imports and cost cutting  we obtained far competitive results.
  2. Resistance to stains, a jar of pickles left on the floor with its pouring deck or squeezed lemon lying for a long time,  will leave marks regardless ceramic or natural surface. Thanks to the uniform structure of stone we can wipe it off with a sandpaper, impregnate and there is no sign whatsoever, where ceramic will be irreversibly destroyed.
  3. Abrasion, all materials worn down , floor tiles can rarely withstand 5-10 years. Even granite , although slowly rubs the gloss, a restoration will require expensive professional treatment EUR/sqm 20-30 . Trav in house exploatation will remain unchanged for 5-10 years , after that one may accept the beauty of its aging or decide repolishing, many people do it using simple methods, or not expensive proffesional services like we for 5-7 EUR/sqm removing 0.1 mm surface. In normal operation, when considered loss of thick 0.1mm per 5-10 years overuse of 2mm from 12mm take 100-200 years .
  4. Anti-slip and floor heating, polished stone to mat and impregnated reaches upper level of R12  within non-slip scale R9-13, it is an ideal material for floor heating, also during periods of hot weather acts as a natural air conditioner.
  5. Frost resistance, water absorption of  2.3% classifieds trav to the group of best frost resistance 1%-3% , adding its relatively high resistance to bending ( cracking ) 79 Kg/cm2 , give perspective to  many years of trouble-free operation in harsh winter conditions even such as in Eastern Europe.
  6. Finish form, for the normally used floorings we reccomend stone with smooth surface semi-polished to matt . After a few years of usage, one can repolish also crystallize the surface to give it effect of gloss like on begin. One may also decide to give it different look, more antique, obtained with use of steel wire brush.
  7. Warranty, we proud to give true warranty, products hold the highest certifications and performance accuracy. Fine repeatability of dimensions is obtained thanks to the most sophisticated machines in the industry, where processes are covered by ISO standards.
  8. Availability of stock, we have all the sold sales materials in stock , same material can be purchased even though after several years.
  9. Installation, we have professional experience in the installation and operation of natural stones. Our clients receive free consulting not only during purchase phase but also in the long-term utisization.
  10. Beauty & elegance are the uniqe attributes of natural stones, adding to our houses timeless character, and what most important increasing the value of investment.